Art Projects

Hudson Museum Houthem

Opening Hudson Museum Houthem 2018 – exhibition by visual artist Ben Leenen


Betsy Zooi – Bijzondere Zaken/Betsy Zooi – Important Business

Installation 2018, Rotterdam


Man in de Eik/Man in the Oak






Installation, Contemporary Hermitages at  ‘In Quarantaine – hedendaagse  hermitages’ by Kunsteiland, Rotterdam


Tour de Phare

A guided tour with Lopend Vuurtje/Running Fire through lighthouse het Hooge Licht at Nederlands Kustverlichtingsmuseum, Hoek van Holland.

Eight showcases with small visual art installations establish a relationship with the permanent collection of the Coastal lighting Museum, Hoek van Holland.

24 mei 2014 
until the beginning of 2015

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Hudson Museum Kunstvlaai

Artproject at SAM decorfactory at Maastricht september 2013.

For and by students of the ABKMaastricht. Idea and guidance Art Rock Foundation.

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Familie Archief

— beeld archief —

1960 / 1975 / 2012

A large collection of drawn, imaginary families from the ’60s -‘ 70s is the starting point for the artproject the Family Archive. An image archive of family groups, villages and other forms of society. The human and animal families were designed by eight children in the period from 1960 to 1975.
A research from the perspective of visual art to the origin of making drawings and story telling. A journey through a parallel universe of paper to the digital present where new artists signed to contribute to the New Family Archive.

The art project has covered a period of three years and included three exhibitions, an art publication, workshops and several spinn off activities such as a memory game, a video report, artist talks.


Concordia Enschede  (2013)

Het Familie Archief, part of the exhibition ‘Fathers and Mothers’

    foto’s Roderik Rotting



Museum Rotterdam (2012)

A presentation of the Family Archive was affiliated to the exhibition Familie in het Schielandhuis – Museum Rotterdam.

In the exhibition Familie, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam presented scientific research about -family- in the broadest sense of the word to the public.


Workshop Family Archive

families sign in the Dubbelde Palmboom, Rotterdam 2012



Villa Zebra Rotterdam (2011)

Het Familie Archief, part of the exhibition ‘Fathers and Mothers’

photo’s Art Collart



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